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Resolving the Lotus Traveler “Connection to database ntsdb unable to be made” error

After restarting an IBM Domino server running on Linux recently, the Lotus Traveler service failed to start, giving the following error message:

Lotus Traveler: SEVERE *system Connection to database ntsdb unable to be made. Verify that you have properly created the remote database.


IBM Domino Version: 8.5.2FP1

Traveler Version: Build 201012031608


All the posts I found online suggested that either restarting the IBM Domino server, or the entire Linux server would resolve the issue.  I first tried restarting only the IBM Domino server, but the problem persisted.  I then tried restarting the entire server as the posts suggested, also without success.


This post proved to be the most helpful in my case:



I moved the ntsdb folder to a temporary location and reinstall Lotus Traveler.  After the installation process had successfully completed, I started the IBM Domino server and the Lotus Traveler service loaded successfully.

Initially, tell traveler showusers only listed 1 registered user, but the longer the server was running, the more users were listed when running this command.  I could also see active synchronisation activities when running the tell traveler showactive console command.


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