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ISPConfig 3, WordPress, and Clean URL’s

So I spent my whole Friday afternoon (and a good part of this evening) trying to make our brand new WordPress Blog Site work with Pretty Permalinks (a.k.a. Clean URL’s).  Various searches on Google with all keyword combinations I could think of rendered no workable solution.  In the end, the solution was simple.  But as they say: Brain surgery is easy if you know how!


Firstly, I confirmed that MOD_REWRITE was installed and active.  To do this, issue the following command from the command prompt on the ISPConfig server:

# apache2ctl -t -D DUMP_MODULES

This returned a list of results, one of them being:

rewrite_module (shared)

Great! So the rewrite module is up and running.


Next, I added the following to the WordPress site’s “Apache directives” in ISPConfig:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]


Lastly, and this is the one that kept me busy for a while, you change the “Redirect type” in the “Redirect”-tab in ISPConfig from “No Redirect” to “L”.

Now just restart Apache2 and you are good to go!

I hope this saves someone the trouble of having to try and figure this out on a Friday night. At least I had a couple of cold beers and the sound of the ocean in the background to keep me motivated.

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One Response

  1. John Jardin says:

    Nice one Andre. A big shout to you and Johan for sorting out our new Blogs. I’m really excited to get blogging again.

    Cheers Man

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